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Top For D5/MCP655 Pump Cover -Can Connect The Reservoir(POM/Acrylic)


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(separate pump cover must be used with LD5HK-V1 aluminum alloy heat dissipation components can not be used alone)
D5/MCP655 series pump retrofit kit set special acrylic version of YKD5BT-V1
Products sold for independent PMMA material pump cover
Fluid optimization design, significantly improve pump performance
The pump cover support pump box integrated development, pump cover used alone, the tube assembly also can choose different length to upgrade
Acrylic cover has 2 group of hidden 5MM LED light hole
Material: PMMA
Pump cover optional color: transparent
Detailed list: acrylic *1 pump cover Aluminum Alloy bracket *1 *1 silicone ring screw kit *1