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Cleaning agent for Radiator 473ML


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The product description:


Special water coolant for Barrow PC water cooling system (new version of slys-v2)
New packaging/new formula/large capacity/high cost performance
(suitable for PC grade water-cooled heat dissipation fittings with copper, aluminum, acrylic, POM and other materials, not for industrial use, not under zero or extremely cold environment)
The main liquid is of high purity deionized water, and its conductivity is lower than 1US/cm
Using professional water-soluble pigment and additive formula, the color effect is excellent and biodegradable
Anti-algal and anti-corrosion additives have been added to the water coolant. Different additives may cause chemical reaction, so no additional additives are needed
Meet ROHS standards
Production date :(see bottle bottom)
Shelf life: one year in unopened condition
Matters needing attention: due to the influence of external environment (such as lighting, temperature, etc.), the cold solution will be weakened in color, etc., so the cold solution after opening should be used in time.
Storage: avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated environment
A 473 -UV - type cold solution needs to be combined with fluorescence light source to produce UV effect
Due to different computer monitors and other reasons, goods may appear color difference, the actual color is subject to the goods received.
(in case of product formula and product scheme upgrade, no further notice will be given. The actual product shall prevail.)