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New Edition Water Cooling Liquid


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The product description:黄绿uv,血红色,果绿uv,宝蓝色,玫红uv,湖蓝uv,透明,紫色,黑色


Barrow PC water cooling system special coolant (new version SLYS-V2)

New packaging / new formulation / large capacity / high cost
(suitable for containing copper, aluminum, acrylic, POM materials such as PC water cooling accessories, can not be used for industrial purposes, not below zero and extremely cold environment)
The main liquid adopts high purity deionized water, the conductivity is lower than 1US/cm
Using professional matching water-soluble pigment and additive formula, color effect is excellent and biodegradable
Water cooling liquid has been added anti algae preservative additives, mixed with different additives may produce chemical reactions, so no need to add other additives
Meet ROHS standards
2 year shelf life (production date see bottle bottom)
473 ml
UV type cold liquid with fluorescent light irradiation can play UV effect
Due to different computer monitors and other reasons, the product may appear color, the actual color to receive goods prevail.
(in case of product formula and product plan upgrade without notice, subject to actual product)