50MM Water Tank

Cream YKW-50 V2 Reservoir (DIA:50MM, TL:130/180/230MM)


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The product description:


New Barrow YK series tanks, the appearance of the product upgrades, more prominent in the overall design curve aesthetics.
With the structure of the original foam instead of spoiler enhanced, row foaming performance, and has the function of filtering.
Cream YKW130-50 V2 length 130MM
Cream YKW180-50 V22 length 180MM
Cream YKW230-50 V2 length 230MM
The water tank for the open design, structure under threads free tool helps to remove the clean water cooling system
The upper and lower cover bodies are controlled by digital CNC processing of imported POM material, high quality process, with double side inlet, bottom nozzle and single nozzle unilateral upper cover,
Flexible free design waterway, easy to pipe.
The POM material has good heat resistance, the upper and lower cover interfaces are G1/4 English standard thread interface, compatible with a commercially available all standard pagoda, fast screw joint,
Material strength is high, do not worry about interface and thread deformation and cracking
The middle of the transparent tube body is a modified high temperature acrylic material, after machining has been done except the stress treatment, the tube is a short period of time under 100 degrees temperature has no deformation and cracking
The plastic pipe body is fixed bracket is made of nylon material injection molding, with good ductility is not easy to crack
The metal L metal stent to facilitate users to CD-ROM, the water tank is fixed on the hard disk position, so that the whole water cooling system you more beautiful, more flexible display
It is recommended to check for 3-6 months and the replacement of waterproof silicone ring
Parts and accessories in case of upgrade and improve the design did not update the photos of the material in accordance with the physical
Box diameter: 50MM
Material: POM+ acrylic
Tube wall thickness: 5MM