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The Intel ninth generation Core i9 box was a regular dodecahedron

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

The days of PC DIY have been anything but peaceful, with NVIDIA launching a new line of graphics CARDS called RTX 20, which mostly focus on ray-tracing, and soon Intel will release its ninth Core processor, which will bleed players' wallets. This release of the ninth generation of Core processor still didn't let you disappointed - 14 nm + + technology, Coffe Lake architecture remains the same (Refresh), according to the specifications of the leak, in addition to the top of the Core i9 still equipped with hyper-threading technology outside, the rest of the Core i7, Core i5 has confirmed, but after using brazing radiator with K word processor, enhance its thermal capacity due to ascension so that the base frequency, overclocking ability is greatly increased, the Geeker will be very happy. VideoCardZ was the first to release the box of the ninth generation Core i9. It was no longer a square box, but a regular dodecahedron.

As the flagship of LGA1151 platform, Intel Core i9-9900k is designed with 8 cores and 16 threads. The all-core acceleration frequency has reached an unprecedented 4.7ghz, reaching the current single-core acceleration frequency of Core i7-8700k. The acceleration frequency of single and double cores reaches 5GHz, which is the same level as Core i7-8086k. This frequency increase is very scary. It seems that not only is it due to brazing, but Intel has been playing with the 14nm process and polishing.

The original CPU packaging is quite simple, Intel is also more and more small, even 40 anniversary Core i7-8086k is just a cardboard box, no special packaging. In contrast, the rival AMD, on the Threadripper series febrile processor, the packaging generation after generation is more cool, huge packaging box, full of the opening ceremony feeling, the players who bought it all think the packaging is enough. Intel seems to want to learn it too, but this one seems to have only scratched the surface. Is there any special meaning?

However, only the ninth generation of Core i9 won this honor. The packaging of Core i7 and Core i5 is still the same. It feels like the same model as the eighth generation.