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AMD second generation Ryzen Pro product exposure, new fast dragon Pro products

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

The Ryzen Pro series processor is AMD's product for business, professional desktop PCS and OEM market. It focuses on reliability and stability and adopts better physical chip. Now, the second generation Ryzen processor of Pinnacle Ridge architecture has been released for a while, but there is no corresponding Ryzen Pro.

HD Tecnologia website released the second generation Ryzen Pro and Athlon Pro processors AMD's PPT, and the NDA time is on September 6, 2018, it's clear that these new processor will is tomorrow, there is a second generation Ryzen Pro now AMD processors, but it is based on the Raven Ridge architecture Ryzen APU products, and the next is based on 12 nm process of Pinnacle Ridge structure products.

The upcoming second generation Ryzen Pro is available in three models, namely Ryzen Pro 2700X, Ryzen Pro 2700 and Ryzen Pro 2600. The first two models are from 8-core 16 threads, and the last one is from 6-core 12 threads. The TDP of Ryzen Pro 2700X is down to 95W (Ryzen 7 2700X is 105W) and the maximum Turbo frequency is only 4.1GHz (Ryzen 7 2700X can reach 4.3GHz).

Performance Cinebench R15 scores Ryzen Pro 2700X is 24 percent higher than Core i7-8700, while Ryzen Pro 2600 scores 28 percent higher than Core i5-8600.

There is also the entry-level Athlon Pro series, which is based on the Raven Ridge architecture of the APU, dual-core quad, up to 3.2GHz, integrated Vega 3 core display.

Only the Athlon Pro 200GE item is shown on the form. The TDP for this item is only 35W, and the R15 runs are 3% lower than the pentium G4560, but the PCMark 10 overall scores and 3DMark 11 scores are much higher than the latter.

In fact, the desktop version of Athlon 200GE has been around for a long time, but AMD hasn't shown any sign of bringing it to the market.

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