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MSI is ready for Intel Optane Memory: introduces special BIOS option

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

Optane Genie allows for the fastest and easiest set up for Optane fueled systems

With Intel® launching its new Optane memory technology boosting HDD and SSD performance, MSI introduces a new feature to support its speed enhancing capabilities to the maximum. Optane Genie is an easy and smart installation tool found in the latest BIOS, which enables easy setting up the use of Optane memory through the BIOS with just 1-click, while normally users would have to go through several challenging steps to successfully configure and enable Optane memory boosting. Just click Optane Genie and follow the instructions to finish the easy setup, making Optane easy to use for anyone. All MSI 200 series motherboards already support Intel® Optane Memory but we strongly recommend updating to the latest version for the best performance regarding Optane and inclusion of the new and exclusive MSI Optane Genie feature.

Use Intel® Optane Memory to boost HDD and SSD transfer speeds

Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology is a brand-new type of memory, combining 3D XPoint™ memory media, Intel Memory and Storage Controllers to boost Hard Disk Drive performance significantly up to SSD speeds. Formed as an M.2 module available in 16GB and 32GB, Optane Memory provides an unparalleled combination of high throughput, low latency and high endurance.

M.2 Shield perfect for Intel® Optane Memory

MSI was world’s first brand to introduce M.2 Shield (patent pending) to ensure maximum M.2 device performance. With the introduction of Intel® Optane Memory, M.2 Shield is a perfect tool to enhance its boosting capabilities. M.2 Shield is a thermal solution, which keeps the M.2 or Optane™ device safe and cool to prevent damage and thermal throttling. Similar to Optane Genie, M.2 Genie makes setting up RAID easy by taking less steps, using any M.2 or PCI-E SSD (even when used in a mixed configuration). Enjoy a blazing fast system boot up and insanely quick loading of applications and games with MSI motherboards.