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ASL GTX1060 skynet double 3GD5 graphics card cold head is about to go public

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

ASL as NVIDIA's first AIC partners, cheung l can always make quick response to market in the first time, now the ASL of GTX1060 skynet, carried a new double 3 gd5 is Pascal ™ architecture, new features, with 3G GDDR5 memory, game advantage is more obvious, to provide the fastest, most smoothly and save electricity gaming experience. For many players, so the performance of a single air cooled radiator, far cannot satisfy the needs of players for the heat dissipation performance, and now we want to solve this difficult problem for the majority of players, ASL GTX1060 skynet, double upcoming 3GD5 graphics cold head.

The graphics card cold head can stick with graphics GPU cores, memory chips and graphics power MOS tube, with the greatest physical contact area to take on the graphics of heat, high calorific value of the circuit components to better than ordinary air cooling heat sink for the video card heat, and then make the graphics card to play its maximum performance.

The time and price of the display is not yet announced

Stay tuned for more information.