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BARROW's top-of-the-line cold-head makeover "light pollution"

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

In this era of popular light pollution, there is no point cool water-cooled chassis lighting effects are embarrassed say water-cooled chassis, in the famous water manufacturer BARROW water-cooled product line, lighting product module has been basically covered the water-cooled parts of each product, BARROW water this time gradually upgraded to the cold head products, which has a cold, head is bo small make up of the eyeball - ultimate CPU cool head

AMD micro devices (advanced)

supreme cold head of 115X platform (before upgrade)

X99/X299 super cool head (before upgrade)

It is not hard to see, upgrade the ultimate in front of the cold head internal carry LRC1.0 lighting system, can realize the effect of each lamp bead synchronous transform, and can also be by asus, msi motherboard with tieline lighting synchronization, for players like the machine lights sync, this is really a good news, because in the case, every product can light synchronization will make the light inside the chassis is more harmonious, more "cool"!

Again we see the ultimate cold head after the upgrade, we get the construction model of the cold head will LRC1.0 lighting system upgrade for LRC2.0 lighting system, which can realize each LED lamp bead asynchronous independent change color, tie-in BARROW aurora LRC2.0 controller system, with as many as 300 can realize to the static and dynamic lighting effects.
Ultimate edition of the new model is not only the lighting effects of the cold head engineering by updating the LRC1.0 LRC2.0, and placed inside the cold head a little "black" science and technology, these little black head interior lighting effects to enhance science and technology can be cold, cold can make the head inside a similar "halo" lighting effects, the other is not much said, directly above, let's look at the internal effects:

After the upgrade of the cold head, lighting effects will let many high-end players to shine at the moment, a look from the front, the cold head inside the light, like the rings one by one, light looks like a possible infinite to extend, such a light effect is how to make? Let's take a look at what's magical about the inside of a cold head that produces this luminous effect:
Let's look at the section diagram of the cold head:

Can be seen from the cold head of sectional drawing, in order to strengthen the lighting effects, cold head from bottom to top in turn placed inside the pure mirror stickers, guide plate and a lens, mirror mirror we see the lighting effects, dreamy is cold inside the head of the effect of the three parts together. The light is flowing slowly through the inside of the cold head, like a soft light gently brushing the cold head, players will play up to love it.
Such "black" science and technology, although the principle is simple, but will bring players feel shine at the moment, in the face of the case, the cold head will have a halo effect, and to internal reduced gradually, gradually to the lights will let the cold head of internal holes, at the same time accompanied by absorbing feeling.
After the upgrade of the cooling head through the optimization and upgrading of the copper substrate, the heat absorption efficiency of the cooling head will also be further improved, more information about the new cooling head will not be disclosed.
Cold head will be on the market soon. Those who like it can follow the latest news on BARROW's water cooler website.