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New product forecast: the main plate cold head is coming.

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

In asus motherboard, positioning the highest should be EXTREME series, and apiece VI EXTREME and apiece VI APEX are high-end players should be known as the mainboard, is being used and its a long time the performance of the players of the two main board and stacking should already know, but for the sake of taking care of other audiences, we still here to review:

(Rampage VI Extreme mothermain board)

Motherboard is equipped with eight four-channel DDR4 memory slot, nominal maximum support DDR4 4133 + (OC) MHz, maximum capacity 128 gb. Near the mainboard 24 - pin. Decorate with a DIMM 2 slots, can provide 2 m. 2 slot, or CPU mainboard chipset channels of one and another slot for CPU directly connected, both only supports the PCIe 3.0 m. x4 mode 2 SSD. When two m. 2 slot CPU channel with U. 2 share bandwidth, PCH channel and PCIe x4 3.0 sharing bandwidth.

The CPU socket specification is LGA 2066 CPU socket, which supports the Core-X series processor, but only supports the SkyLake-X processor and does not support the kabylak-x processor.

As with R6A, the power supply PWM of R6E also USES two ASP1405I, and the CPU power is equipped with 8-pin+4-pin interface to ensure sufficient current supply in overfrequency.
The CPU is equipped with 8 phase power supply, which can ensure the output of pure and stable current at overfrequency.
All right, this is the end of this story.

Still pulling down? There's really nothing left to go home... ...

How could it be that the work was done before it was finished?

This is what a social person should do with such a powerful motherboard, with a more powerful CPU, and with the perfect superfrequency.

And what we're going to do is we're going to build the base for the player. For the CPU to do the cooling and the cooling of the CPU power module, we are a force for the ultra - frequency.
For apiece VI of the development of EXTREME cold head carrying BARROWCH temperature monitoring module, 1.54 inch OLED screen, progress bar display mode, players can be more easy to monitor the CPU temperature, at the same time with a single electric length cumulative function, a single boot work hours be clear at a glance.
If bought before the BARROW X99 / X299 cold head is applied to the apiece VI EXTREME motherboard, at the same time to change the new motherboard cold head of the players also can be replaced, because the two cold head in and out of the nozzle spacing is consistent, if change the cold head, is don't need to go tube again.
The article has been published, and it is estimated that the listing will not be far away. Players who are ready to change the cold head can pay attention to our taobao shop and the public number to buy the first wave of the sale. (serious face)