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It's too late! Get in! Barrowch's new HDMI Monitoring Sub-screen CPU Cold Head is now available!

2021-05-05 10:32 The author:Administrator

Barrowch Intel CPU water-cooled head HDMI AIDA64 temperature monitoring sub-screen FBLTHD-04N with a super avant-GARDE display in front of us.


This CPU cooling head can be compatible with Intel LGA115X, LGA1200, X99 and X299 platforms, after a long time of polishing and conditioning, today finally can serve our water cooling enthusiasts.


The cold head is equipped with a new generation of 2.9-inch full-color HD LCD screen, equipped with standard HDMI HD video interface and Micro USB 5V power supply interface, which can fully display computer video content, even high-definition video can be displayed on it. Acrylic is also equipped with a controllable ARGB light effect to help you create a personalized water cooling solution.


With the high-definition resolution of 1440*1440, you can see the hardware data displayed on the cold-head screen more clearly and delicately. The 2.9-inch LCD full-view screen allows players to clearly see the display content on the screen from all angles. The 1100:1 high contrast ratio and 60Hz refresh rate are also two powerful tools for smooth screen display.


At the same time, the cold head is also equipped with a variety of dynamic and static templates for players to change, can be matched with AIDA64 software to assist the display of data content, temperature monitoring secondary screen cold head currently has three static and two dynamic five interface templates launched, later official will continue to launch a number of monitoring interface templates based on AIDA64 software for replacement use. Enhanced more playability for late coolheads. At that time, the friends can download through the "brand - information download" column below the public number, and welcome deep DIY players to the interface to contribute, for more players to download