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Hand removable | BARROWCH STAR 1 limited edition case

2020-11-19 09:11 The author:Administrator

With the popularity of the open case, it shows that the aesthetics and heat dissipation efficiency of the open case can not be compared with that of the ordinary case. BARROWCH released the new limited edition STAR1 case, which also has the features of the open case, and also adds some creative ideas of its own for the open case.


Box body is made of the entire 10 mm high pervious to light acrylic after CNC processing molding, to two pieces of acrylic combination after chassis with the effect of water pipe, at the same time at the right side of chassis with large cavity chamber is used to store water cooled liquid, STAR 1 integrated chassis, water pipes and water tank functions in an organic whole, both beautiful and practical, always highlight companies quality.




The position of the motherboard of the case supports ATX version and full-size video card on the market at most, and the video card can change whether the video card is directly connected to the motherboard or mounted vertically through the transfer module. The ATX motherboard can support most players' demands for the expanded functions of the motherboard. The hardware friendliness of the STAR 1 case is to meet the needs of high-end players.


The cooling scale is also not to be underestimated. Two sets of 360 cooling exhaust mounting brackets are mounted on the back of the chassis, and players can install two 360 cooling exhaust with unlimited thickness. Players can choose the cooling exhaust with corresponding heat and power consumption, so as to give full play to its maximum cooling efficiency.


At the same time, the chassis is equipped with more extended "new" posture for players to play with. There is AN HDDD *1 extension bit at the bottom of the chassis to support players' expansion requirements for mass storage. At the same time, the opposite side of the power supply can support extended installation and wiring storage, where all the disorderly wires can be hidden.


BARROWCH STAR, 1 case in each case highlights the service in the player's idea, meet the players for the depth of the DIY for innovation to explore new things, BARROWCH is such, several high-end water-cooled player to open the case in understanding and ideas, and add the BARROWCH enterprise concept and creative design, and finally "1 STAR" this innovative chassis, the birth of the player with the chassis, has been to go with BARROWCH in creative concept and trend at the forefront of fashion!