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Raptor attack | asustek raptor RTX2080Ti/2080 has been officially launched

2018-10-22 11:02 The author:Administrator

The asustek raptor 2080Ti/2080 graphics card has always been the flagship high-end graphics card that the majority of high-end players yearn for, but the number of players who want to directly install water cooling after getting the card is also not a small number. Barrow water cooling immediately arranges to make corresponding water cooling head after getting the card, which also maximizes the compatibility of the cold head.

Barrow asustek raptor RTX2080Ti/2080 fully covers the graphics card head with a jet microchannel, enabling the coolant to more fully absorb and take away the heat emitted by the GPU core.

The cold head is equipped with an ultra-multi-thermal contact part, which can simultaneously take into account the heat dissipation part of 2080Ti and 2080 graphics card, such as GPU core, video memory, inductance and MOSFET.

The cold head is equipped with LRC2.0 lighting system belonging to BARROW. It can be matched with all 2.0 lighting controllers belonging to BARROW. It can also be equipped with 5V main board for connecting the cold head lighting system with the main board for lighting control through the main board.

The water-cooling head of the card is of super compatibility and can be installed by asustek ROG STRIX RTX2080 O8G GAMING and asustek ROG STRIX RTX2080Ti O11G GAMING.

When installing the 2080Ti video card, please pay attention to the following installation of hexagon copper column.

After the cold head is ready, it can be matched and installed with the video card.
The top of the cold head is a two-in, two-out layout, and players can connect pipes or build a SLI system as they wish.

While improving the compatibility of the cold head, it also meets the problem of the backboard installation that the players of faith pay attention to. Give consideration to both performance and belief!