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New product recommended | LGA3647 platform cold head has been released

2018-09-18 17:42 The author:Administrator
By: according to the official information LGA3647 motherboard specifications support thermal design of up to 205 w power consumption processor, and dual CPU run, requiring the calorific value of the stability of the workstation and server platforms, often worry about machines because of the long running high temperature lead to crashes and other unknown situation, two-way TDP205W processor under the long running the heat is made by ordinary air cooled radiator not stable suppressed, so that the devil of calorific value of water cannot be suppressed.

For such high heat, BARROW also launched a CPU cooling head that can suppress the high heat CPU like a flood beast. LGA3647 CPU cooling head has two versions: acrylic version and POM version. Let's take a look:

(POM cold head installation drawing)

(actual drawing of acrylic cold head)

At present, the CPU cooling head of the LGA3647 platform is only compatible with the rectangular type of CPU slot shown in the figure above, that is, the LGA3647 motherboard that can use the rectangular radiators can use the LGA3647 cooling head of BARROW.

At the same time, this cold head is also equipped with LRC2.0 light system of BARROW, which can be controlled by any LRC2.0 light control system controller of BARROW, so that the inner light of the cold head presents an asynchronous light color conversion.

At present, only the acrylic version of the LGA3647CPU head integrates the BARROW LRC2.0 lighting system. Considering the low light transmittance of the black POM, the LGA3647 head of the POM has not integrated this function.

At the same time, the cold head lighting system can realize all the lighting control through a software to synchronize the lights with the main board through the connection connection (although the main board of this kind of platform that is sold in the market has basically no onboard light interface, so it is better to use the controller obediently).

In terms of installation, LGA3647 does not design the installation mode of CPU buckle like other platforms. When installing the CPU, you only need to look at the direction of alignment to put the CPU, and then install the radiator. Since the CPU does not have a buckle-type installation method, when installing the CPU cooling head, the diagonal screws should first be installed and fixed, and then the middle two fixed screws should be fixed. In this way, the position of the CPU should be offset during installation, so as to damage the pins and cause losses.
From the appearance, the POM is made of black POM material, which, combined with its special touch texture, will present high-end use and appreciation experience. The acrylic version integrates the lighting system of LRC2.0 owned by BARROW, and then matches the LRC2.0 light controller owned by BARROW to present the dazzling lighting effect, so that "playing" turns to RGB.
LGA3647 cold head is now available on the official website taobao shop, like the little friend can snap up!