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Intel's new generation of processors may be released on August 1st: 5.5ghz

2018-07-18 09:14 The author:Administrator

As the motherboard manufacturer to upgrade Z370 motherboard BIOS to support a new generation of processor, Intel core nine generations, more and more closer to the release date, due to the process technology and Coffee Lake structure unchanged, nine generations of core is little on new technology, but the core number will increase to 8 nuclear 16 threads, multi-core performance will be a bright spot. Intel's new generation processor is expected to release on August 1, but this time the news is more shocking, nine generation Core will abandon the use of silicone thermal conductivity for six years, return to the previous solder heat, so temperature and overclocking performance is worth looking forward to, 6 nuclear Core i7-9700 - k can be overclocked to 5.5 GHz.

Before the news about Lake processor 8-core Coffee has been a lot, but Pcbuildersclub website explode the material more fierce than before, first is the release of a new generation of processor time, now can only know probably fall, but there is no specific time, Intel Pcbuildersclub said they received information is a NDA date, time is on August 1st, it seems that a new generation of processors will be released on August 1, but on the day of release is not scheduled products, released on August 1, so even though the product may only be part of Retail launches will be later.

The second fact is really fierce, according to their source received 6 Intel processor, the CPU identification of Core i7-8086 - Z k, but when overclocking reached 5.5 GHz frequency (the original said air-cooled, water-cooled), and is the multiple samples have reached this level, but the Windows 10 also can't identify the processor.

If more than one test sample can be overclocked to 5.5 GHz, as a new generation of processors will have some changes, the original mentioned this change is the new processor abandoned silicone heat conduction, before using the solder heat (solder), the performance of thermal conductivity of the material and much higher than the ordinary silicon grease, but Intel IVB processor 6 years ago began to large area USES silicon grease on the thermal conductivity, last year's Core i9 high-end processors are not immune.

The six Core processor is likely to be the new Core i7-9700 k, but made no mention of the original eight Core processor, but six Core processor if return solder heat conduction, then 8 cores should be so, so before the fact of the Core i9-9900 - k is also a important step for Intel.