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Tonight, we turn over the pumps.

2018-07-09 08:36 The author:Administrator

Many of BARROW's recent list of water-cooled products have been upgraded to LRC2.0 lighting systems, from CPU coolers to video card coolers. From the fan to the water tank, LRC2.0 lighting system has been installed, and today, the 2.0 lighting system finally turns over the brand of DDC water pump. ...

(new water pump with LRC2.0 lighting system)

The new pump lighting system by before the upgrade is now 2.0, 1.0 and unilateral by emitting upgraded to a 360 ° around type luminous mode. More than 300 kinds of lighting effects after the power supply to decorate the pumps.

The lighting system of water pump can be synchronized with other devices through BARROW's manual LRC2.0 controller and LRC2.0 eight-way controller.

At the same time, the light system of the water pump can be synchronized with the main board through the switch connection of the model zbdzjx-5 of BARROW.

Detachable plug structure is used to pump power supply interface wiring harness, pin type structure is more safe way of connection, can avoid the welding wire with various problems occurred in the user during the installation and lighter at mobile experience.

(lighting power supply and PWM speed regulating interface)

Pump interface section, consist of three interfaces and a speed control knob, of which three pin 2510 specifications of the interface for the pump light power supply interface, can be connected to the BARROW's any LRC2.0 lighting controller for light mode conversion; The 2510 interface of the 4pin on the right is the speed detection and PWM drive signal interface of the pump, which can be connected to the fan interface of the main board for detecting the pump speed and adjusting the pump to PWM mode.

(water pump power supply interface)

The large D port is the power supply interface of the pump, which can be connected to the computer power D port for normal power supply of the pump.

(speed control knob)

The speed-adjusting knob has the function of adjusting the speed of the pump. If the knob is rotated to the right, the flow rate of the pump will increase and the speed of the pump will increase. Left rotating flow decreases, speed is reduced, if the pump is to be into PWM control mode, the need to turn the knob to the left to the bottom, and the water pump 4 pin interface corresponding motherboard fan mouth in the motherboard BIOS is adjusted for "intelligent model" or "PWM mode.

If you want to upgrade the hand pump, also provide models for YBGSR V2 modified cover accessories, players can upgrade water pumps, like the friend don't want to miss it