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Taipei computer show: soetai releases VR GO 2.0 integrated VR mainframe

2018-06-07 09:47 The author:Administrator

Computex trade show this year, thortex as previously thought launched more game hardware - graphics, SSD, and VR mini computer mainframe, m, etc., and hosted a e-sports game.

Soetai unveiled a range of gaming hardware at the Taipei computer show

ZOTAC booth

The ZOTAC CUP MASTERS, an e-sports competition held by Mr. Soetai at the Taipei computer show, attracted a large audience and was packed with people.

From left to right are executives at NVIDIA, SONY Ericsson and Intel

Thortex ZOTAC CUP e-sports game MASTERS e-sports game, this exhibition is only NVIDIA to senior vice President Jeffrey Fisher, ZOTAC, executive director and chief executive Tony wong, Intel's vice President and general manager of commercial client platform, Thomas m. Garrison on the ground, and also the final champion bonus of up to $20000 in Asia, the final of the world's total $300000.


In addition to the fierce competition of CO:GO, there are also a variety of new products on display at soetai.

VR GO 2.0 back VR host

Thortex VR GO 2.0 backpack VR host before we also exposes in advance, it USES eight generations Core processor, in particular is processor Core i7-8700 - t, tie-in DDR4 16 gb memory, video card is the GTX 1070, and 240 other gb m. 2 hard drives, 230 w power adapter, weight 4.5 kg, 1.5 hours life.
In addition, the appearance design of sotai VR GO 2.0 has also changed to be more cool, which supports Spectre light effect and RGB faith lamp

480GB SONIX pci-e hard drive


ZOTAC Sotai Gaming Mek Ultra and Mini hosts

ZOTAC Gaming Mek Ultra and Mini host

ZOTAC Gaming MEK Ultra is a powerful host

This year, soetai launched Gaming MEK Ultra and Gaming MEK mini, two new mainframes. One is large and the other is small.

Specific configuration

Although small in size, the MEK Mini has a powerful Core i7-8700t processor, GTX 1080 graphics card, 16GB DDR4 memory, 32GB auteng +2TB HDD hard disk, and the overall configuration is superb in the current host.

Field MOD works

Field and a 2.0 water immersion mainframe, robotic chassis feels dye-in-the-wood science and technology, the new host match the supreme PLUS thortex top video card, not only look cool, and the performance is also very strong.

ZOTAC CI660 Nano host

Except e-sports host thortex also launched many mini computers, the CI660 Nano host with VR GO 2.0 a won the computex innovation awards this year, it USES the Intel eight generations core processor, TDP 25 w, but do the passive cooling design, continues the ZBOX C series of honeycomb shape, better heat dissipation performance than the previous generation of products.

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