T Virus Water Tank

Aluminum alloy version T virus spiral suspended tank lake blue cover


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The product description:

Barrow CLYKL series spiral T virus cylindrical water tank, with 4 different lengths for different sizes of chassis configuration, tube body are transparent tube, upper and lower cover for multi-color pure aluminum alloy material. Multi channel complex process CNC processing, and has obvious passive cooling efficiency.

CLYKL series tank has the following characteristics:
1, spiral UV strong effect, unique production process can ensure a reasonable proportion of UV ratio, without adding any UV content of cold liquid as an auxiliary, spiral body can show a very strong UV brightness
2, spiral suspension design, a middle water tank passes through a similar acrylic tube design
2-1 reduced mid tube cracking or acrylic Water Leakage, lead to serious hidden dangers of hydropower contact
2-2 beautify the visual effect, spiral suspension effect is more good to hear or see
2-3 by optimizing the internal structure, so that the water tank, the bottom of the center Kong Jun for the use of G1/4 standard thread, can be used to enter / water interface normal use.
UV lighting component 2-4 CLYKL series water tank for independent extended type composite material is composed of the whole play head, quartz glass tube body building, to provide the best protection grade cold cathode fluorescent lamp, and easy disassembly, and this work is so simple a stop lock screw.
3, optimized internal and external interface:
With 2 sets of upper and lower cover the absolute center of inlet / outlet side, 2 outlet, a total of 4 conflict free G1/4 thread interface.
4, transparent type special support
Through the transparent installation bracket, better show the overall visual beauty of the spiral tank, not because of the black bracket and destroy the overall effect of the pipe body parts.
5, the highest grade made quality
The processing of high temperature resistant acrylic tube industry, the highest standards of production process of water tank using the foot of 5MM thickness, ensure have the highest transmittance in front of you, the highest standards of appearance, every detail, you can feel Barrow's intentions, we crafted, just to present to you the best products
Due to different computer monitors and other reasons, the product may appear color, the actual color to receive goods prevail.
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Parts and accessories in case of upgrade and improve the design did not update the photos of the material in accordance with the physical
Standard list:
Main body of water tank *1
Transparent PCU type bracket *2
L type metal bracket *2
Screw group *6
CLYKL155 length: 155mm
CLYKL205 length: 205mm
CLYKL255 length: 255mm
CLYKL305 length: 305mm
Interface number: top interface *1 side interface *2 bottom interface *1
Interface type: G1/4
Acrylic pipe diameter: 50MM

Cover diameter: 56MM