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2016-10-24 14:45 The author:Administrator
Barrow Hall of fame works 15/12/17
Author: Xing Kai
Completion date: 2015-12-17
Works have been authorized by the original author of the collection of BARROW Hall of fame works database, such as reprint please indicate the source.

1.Choice series of ivory white 14MM hand twist tube fast screw 2 white mirror hand twist lock water standard edition
3 50MM-L350 (4.50MM) (white) 5.DDC heat dissipation kit with white outer guide pipe extension
6.DDC acrylic cover 7 blood red water solution 8 bright silver 90 degree elbow rotation 9.14*10 PETG tube

Ivory 14MM hand twisted tube twist

14 * 10 transparent PETG tubes

White mirror hand tight water lock standard version

Bright silver 90 degree rotating elbow

DDC acrylic modified cover
DDC white cooling kit

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