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NZXT.H440 Chassis Lake blue cold night hard tube program

2016-10-24 09:35 The author:Administrator

Chassis model: NZXT. H440

Installed list:
1.T virus water tank white spiral body white cover * 1
2.T virus tank white lighting components * 1
3. The word water lock head white
4. Acrylic water lock
5.Chioce series 14MM hard tube fast twist (white) * 13
6. Tachometer (standard type) White * 1
7.MINI double external teeth on the silk white * 1
8. MINI standard filter white * 1
9. Spherical tee * 1
10.14 * 10 normal temperature type PETG tube
11.90 degree rotation elbow white * 2
12.D5 Acrylic pump cover * 1
13.D5 Cooling Kit White * 1
14. The new version of water-cooled SLYS-V2 lake blue
15. Straight thread through the butt 30MM white * 1
16. Internal tooth extension screw 10MM white * 1
17. Internal tooth extension screw 20MM V2 version of the white * 1

T virus water tank white section (white lighting components)
Flowmeter (Standard)
The new version of water-cooled liquid SLYS-V2 lake blue
Internal thread through docking 30MM white


MINI standard filter white

90 degree rotation elbow white
Internal tooth extension screw 20MM G20-V2
D5 Acrylic pump cover
D5 Cooling Kit White

The word plug is white
Choice Series 14MM hard tube fast twist white

Above models installed by the BARROW water cooling technology laboratory recommended

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