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Cream series Water Tank for DDC Pump Cover


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The product description:

A total of 5 length of optional
TKDDCG50-W-60 total length 60MM
TKDDCG50-W-90 total length 90MM
TKDDCG50-W-140 total length 140MM
TKDDCG50-W-190 total length 190MM
TKDDCG50-W-240 total length 240MM
And the pump cover screw connection, the total height will be about 5M reduction
DDC/TKDDCG50 series water pump special modification upper cover expansion water tank component Cream series
The sale of products for acrylic tube, POM tube cover material and related accessories
Can be used with PBTS20-V1 / YKBTS20-V1-Y pump cover and combination kits
Integrated structure of pump / water tank after combination
Design of internal screw thread interface for 2 groups of G1/4
Built in thread detachable replaceable bubble discharging guide pipe
Material: PMMA/POM
Top cover optional color: Black / white
Detailed list: *1 POM *1 acrylic tube top row tube type L bracket *2 *1 global *1 O type bracket screws adnexal *2 (except TKDDCG50-W-60 Mini free accessories, other models including accessories package)

The pump cover products for the atmosphere foil accessories, the product standard.