65MM Water Tank

Obsidian OBS65 V2 Reservoir (Black)(DIA: 65MM, TL:98/135/220MM)

model:YPH65 V2

Belong to category:65MM Water Tank

Color: 黑色

The product description:

OBS65-98 V2 length: 98MM
OBS65-135 V2 length: 135MM
OBS65-220 V2 length: 220MM
Diameter: 65MM
Imported high transparent acrylic material, the wall thickness of 5MM short time can withstand high temperatures of 100 degrees
Ba exclusive cool black 65MM caliber semi transparent acrylic tube body
Nylon material buckle holder gives you firm positioning
On the double cover design, support installation 2 group play head without affecting the injection of cold fluid and extended function
Side cover 3 holes large spacing design, middle hole multi-function expansion view window
Can install 3 at the same time 4 thick Fast Twist without any conflict
Mirror 316 stainless steel exhaust pipe
The standard L type metal hard mounting bracket can be flexible for water tank
The standard 2 row lock, sealing acrylic foam tubes and installation accessories